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Tom Hanks


"Dear Roger,


On an average afternoon, getting from my office to downtown Los Angeles can take up to 2 hours. I have been in that traffic and often wished there were the towers and gondolas stretching all along the way. Common sense tells me that such a conveyance is laden with advantages when it comes to questions of cost effectiveness, right of way, engineering, construction, impact, being environmentally and pedestrian friendly and could attract ridership.


That being said, I am only a dreamer and a fan of such a cable car system. Would it work? Of course it would. 


I hope that you have the time and resources, and I hope you and Eco-Transit make my dream come true!"


All Good Things ........ Tom

Hollywood, CA


Stein Sture, PhD (Chancellor of Research) 


"Eco-Transit and Roger Gardner have provided excellent service to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Engineering Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder in terms of detailed feasibility studies, including construction cost estimates, visualization of aerial transportation (gondola) alignment options between main and east campuses as well as between main campus and Williams Village student dormitories and Bear Creek apartments.  These studies have been of great importance while assessing future transportation options on campus.”


Stein Sture, PhD


Chancellor of Research (Ret)

University of Colorado


Tom Sykes, AIA, PP (Principal Architect)


“Roger Gardner is the 'go-to-guy' and most experienced aerial cable way planner I have met in my 35 years of practice. His breadth of experience allows him to be an effective advisor from the early concept designs through financial and operational pro-formas, technical documentation and the follow-through to see the project in operation.


While his professional skills and project success is unparalleled, his commitment to a sustainable process and protection of the environment, is even more renowned.  I greatly admire Roger's professional expertise, his personal commitment to sustainable principles and his refreshing attitude to see all things through to completion.”  




Tom Sykes


Atlantic City, NJ

Thomas J. Sykes, AIA, PP



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