Urban Gondola Systems
Urban Gondola Systems

Cable Car, Tramway and Gondola / Planning and Engineering

Eco-Transit offers unique qualifications to clients for diverse types of gondola consulting and cable car projects and the interfacing of these cable propelled transit systems with other modes of surface and automated guideway transit along with potential mixed use development at at stations. Our gondola engineering specialties consultant group gives special attention to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and local neighborhood improvement opportunities within the ACT Aerial Cable Transit project areas, such as mixed use residential and commercial development around the stations, and community centers and transit hubs to link with other transit modes. This urban planning focus of Eco-Transit concentrates on community retail revenue generators and also social enrichment generators such as art and photographic galleries, cultural exhibits, local historical exhibits, walking tours, craft centers, and reading rooms. An attention to these types of creative urban projects and to the planning details associated with the layout of the Aerial People Mover routes and station locations can minimize adverse impacts and maximize the socio-economic benefits to the surrounding neighborhood when the gondola projects are developed and built out.


Our Services for Urban Gondolas and Aerial Cableway Transit (ACT) Projects:

  • Eco-Transit serves as agency / owner representative for liaison with stakeholders and third parties for aerial cableway projects.

  • Review and control of contract documents, specifications, drawing packages, construction plans and certification procedures for ropeways and lifts.
  • ACT Route evaluation, planning and engineering for the aerial ropeway project.
  • Planning for transit oriented development (TOD) and neighborhood integration for urban gondola projects.
  • Prepare specifications and cost estimates for the ACT gondola equipment and installation; operation and maintenance budgets.
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies and financial pro-formas for the ropeway project.
  • Consulting for planning, system engineering and drawing packages for design and permits of the ropeway project.
  • Requests for proposal (RFP) preparation for owners to solicit bids from third party engineers, architects and suppliers.
  • Evaluate third party gondola bid proposals and planning / coordination with agency / owner; provide procurement services for owner.
  • Consulting for project management (PM) and quality assurance (QA) for the lift project.
  • Consulting design, re-design, specifications review and conformance, inspection services, and design certification for gondola lifts and aerial ropeways.


Eco-Transit Technologies provides specialized cable car, tramway, ropeway lift and gondola project design and engineering services for the planning, feasibility study, project management, inspection and certification of gondola lift and cable car Aerial Cable Transit (ACT) systems, including other types of lifts and ropeways for industrial applications, tourism and urban mass transit. We have provided our consulting services for over 25 years to municipalities, private developers, resorts, and to other public and private sector clients, as well as to planning, engineering, architecture and feasibility teams for multi-modal studies that include urban gondolas.

We have extensive experience with the design, planning and study of aerial ropeways from one half mile to five miles in length with interconnections to other transit modes and with both simple stations and intermodal transit stations with associated mixed use development. We have also studied numerous gondola alignments that climb steep inclines, run along flat terrain, travel above city roadways, and cross over waterways, highways and other rights of way. The environmental benefits of this specialized form of “Green Transit” are showcased in our feasibility studies and designs for resort, attraction, and urban gondola ropeway projects. 




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